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Business Analyst Practitioners

For practicing Business Analysts working in a public sector setting that are increasingly working towards Agile practices and processes.


This online course explores the role, techniques and key skills required for practicing business analysts, working in the public sector. 

The course considers the multi-faceted role of business analysis and aims to increase the delegate’s confidence in their role as a business analyst, working in and towards agile environments with both technical and personal skills that enable a BA to thrive in the public sector.

You will learn:

• The many roles of the Business Analyst and how this relates to other project roles, T-shaping, and the “specialist” versus the “generalist”

• Fundamentals of stakeholder & ecosystem management and the meta skills to hone to improve your practice in this area

• The core components of business analysis – data, process, needs, and stakeholders; how these relate to your role, and improving your practice in these areas

• The fundamentals of Agile transformation and how these ways of working relate to public sector business analysis, including the difference between agile culture, frameworks, lifecycles and tools

• Ways to influence and champion culture change as part of Agile transformation 

Course Aims and Objectives

By the end of this 2-day course you will be able to:

• Critically assess project context and workplace for agile maturity

• Assess and apply key tools for agile requirements elicitation and refinement, data, and processes

• Better understand stakeholders and team members in an agile environment

• Employ techniques to influence culture change in an organisation

• Apply agile principles and working practices to your own work


This course is open to any business analyst working in the public sector. 

Joining Online

To attend the web-based videoconference call, a laptop or computer is required.

During the training we will be using one of the following online collaboration tools, none of which require a prior account to access.

  • Google Docs &/or Workspace
  • Mural or Miro
  • Zoom

To view these tools, the learner will require an internet browser that does not restrict them. A link will be provided during the training.

If your organisation restricts joining Zoom meetings, you may need to use a personal device. If you have any issues with this, please let us know when signing up.

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