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Terms and conditions

When you register to attend a Scottish Digital Academy course the following terms and conditions apply to your booking.

Scottish Digital Academy

Service Level Agreement, Terms and Conditions

Parties: Scottish Digital Academy and the organisation/division

Agreement effective from: 12 February 2021

Service Level Agreement is an official commitment that prevails between a service provider and a client . Particular aspects of the service are agreed between the service provider and the service user.

We expect organisations and individuals to comply with the terms of this agreement. Failure to satisfactorily resolve any disagreements between both parties will result in the cancellation of this agreement.

Terms: ‘You’ refers to the organisation / division named above and ‘your people’ refers to the people of that organisation / division.

1. Service offerings

1.1 The availability of places on courses is subject to the published course schedule.

1.2 The Scottish Digital Academy (SDA) offer open and closed courses. An open course is advertised publicly and available to be booked by any eligible individual working in public services. A closed course is a course that can only be attended by individuals identified by the organisation/division.

1.3 The SDA also offers support to organisations/divisions in their workplace .

1.4 The SDA is continually developing its courses, responding to delegate feedback and analysis of Scottish public sector needs.

2. Terms of Service

2.1 Service availability is subject to:

  • the existing course schedule
  • the availability of coaches
  • access to technology and devices required to participate

2.2 Course places and the SDA services will only be available to you once you have registered and signed the documentation.

3. Booking

3.1 By completing an order or booking on our website, the delegate, or their representative is responsible for ensuring that any required local approval is in place or will be in place before the service is provided.

3.2 Failure to obtain internal approvals will not constitute a valid reason for dispute of the invoice to the Scottish Digital Academy and full payment will still be required.

4. Billing Process

4.1 From 3 September 2020, the Scottish Digital Academy will charge for online services in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

4.2 The Scottish Digital Academy will invoice you 1 month prior to the start of your course. This invoice will detail the numbers of delegates from your organisation for each Scottish Digital Academy course and information on other services booked. The numbers of delegates on courses will be recorded by the Scottish Digital Academy, through their booking process and in accordance with the procedures detailed in this agreement.

4.3 Any dispute of the numbers of delegates on the invoice must be raised within 5 working days of receipt of the invoice. In the case of a dispute, evidence provided by the Scottish Digital Academy as to the total number of delegates will be considered conclusive by both parties.

4.4 You agree to pay the invoice within 4 weeks of receipt.

4.5 Please find in Annex A, a price list for all currently available Scottish Digital Academy courses and services.

5. Cancellations, substitutions and failure to attend

5.1 Following confirmation of your booking, you or your people must give the Scottish Digital Academy 10 working days or more written notice prior to the course commencing of the cancellation of a place on a course otherwise the place will be charged in full – See section 5.6 below with percentage breakdown of cancellation costs.

5.2 Please note that the courses require a minimum number of delegates to attend in order to run the course effectively and ensure delegates receive the quality of training required. Last minute cancellations, with no suitable replacements provided, will impact whether a course can be delivered or cancelled.

5.3 If a course delegate fails to attend the course the place will be charged in full. The course delegate’s manager will be informed.

5.4 If a course is cancelled following confirmation of your booking, cancellation costs will also be incurred for training, coaching, workshop and any other activities agreed to be delivered on-site at your organisation.

5.5. If you or a delegate want to substitute their place, details of the substitution must be given to the Scottish Digital Academy with no less than 5 working days written notice to ensure the right people are given access to the online course. If you are unable to provide a ‘suitable’ substitution in the time given and the Scottish Digital Academy do not have a suitable substitution waiting to attend, you will be invoiced the place and will be charged in full.

5.6 If the Scottish Digital Academy is required to cancel a course it will provide you or the delegate 3 working days written notice before the commencement of a course or service and, where possible, propose alternative dates. You will not be charged for a course which has been cancelled by the Scottish Digital Academy. The Scottish Digital Academy cancels courses only as a last resort.

5.7 For the purpose of this agreement, written notice includes notice provided by email. The cancellation date will be the date the notice of cancellation is received by Scottish Digital Academy.

  • Cancellation within 30 days of the course start date – 50% fee is payable
  • Cancellation within 20 days of the course start date – 75% fee is payable
  • Cancellation 10 days or less of the course start date – 100% fee is payable

5.8 Live online learning courses require a minimum number of delegates to attend in order to have discussion and interaction. Cancellations by delegates with no substitution provided, will impact whether a course can be delivered. If the minimum number of delegates cannot be met, live online courses may be cancelled.

5.9 Any free trial courses, the Scottish Digital Academy will fund all places available. As the places are free to people attending the trial courses, anyone signing up for a free place will also be confirming they are committed to attend the course for the full duration.

5.10 If the delegate is unable to attend the free trial course. they will need to advise the Scottish Digital Academy no later than 10 days prior to the start of the course and also advise on a named replacement for your booking.

5.11 If the delegate cancels their free place booking less than 10 days prior to the start of the course, and are unable to provide a named replacement, the SDA will charge the full amount of the course plus administration costs. Cost per delegate is provided at Annex A.

5.12 If the delegate does not attend their free place booking, and have not advised the SDA within the timeframe requested, resulting in non-attendance for the booking, the SDA will charge the full amount of the course plus administration costs. Cost per delegate is provided at Annex A.

6. Accessibility and Inclusion

6.1 The SDA is continuously working to make our services as accessible and usable as possible for all abilities and disabilities. We are continually improving the accessibility and inclusivity of our working practices, behaviours, tools and our physical and online environments.

6.2 Where a delegate requires additional support to take part in a course, delegates should contact the SDA, at the earliest opportunity but no less than 10 working day prior to the start of the course, to allow time for the SDA to respond and arrange support.

7. Technology Requirements

7.1 The delegate is responsible for following any guidance provided by the SDA to ensure they are properly set up to take part in online training and coaching

7.2 The delegate is responsible for ensuring that they can access the online environment and resources provided to them by the SDA. Where additional support is required to access the required technology, delegates should contact the SDA, at least 3 working days prior to the start of the course to enable the SDA to respond and support.

7.3 The SDA does not take responsibility for any technical issues, experienced by the delegates locally such as access to broadband, issues with laptop or personal devices.

8. Security

8.1 SDA seek to ensure the safety and security of all our delegates online. We seek to maintain an interactive, learning experience, recognising the importance of cyber security. We keep the tool that we use for online training under review and follow advice for ensuring security on our courses.

9. Escalation process

9.1 Any questions, issues or concerns should be directed to the SDA Operations Team in the first instance. Should the team be unable to provide a satisfactory resolution you should contact the Head of the SDA. See contact details below.

10. Data Protection

10.1 All confidential information received by the SDA from the organisation/ division for the purposes of delivering services will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the individual, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed unless required to be disclosed by law or judicial decree. If you wish to receive a copy of our privacy statement please contact the SDA. See contact details below.


Scottish Digital Academy: Email

Annex A - Price list for the Scottish Digital Academy 2020 as at 3 September 2020

These prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the appropriate rate.

Curious about Agile (90 minutes) Free

Introduction to Agile (1 day - 5 hours) £150 per attendee

Hands on Agile for Leaders (2 days - 5 hours per day) £610 per delegate

Product Managers Practitioners (2 dys - 5 hours per day) £610 per attendee

Business Analysts Practitioners (2 days - 5 hours per day) £610 per attendee

Delivery Managers Practitioners (2 days - 5 hours per day) £610 per attendee

Agile for Teams (2 days - 5 hours per day) £340 per attendee (Must be actual teams of 3-4 people)

Visualisation and Dashboard (3 days - 6.5 hours per day) £600 per delegate

Javascript Fundamentals - (4 weeks - 18 hours per week) £1920 per delegate

R for Data Analysis - (3 days - 6.5 hours per day) £360 per delegate

Cloud Fundamentals - (1 day - 7 hours) £100 per delegate

Digital and Agile Foundation Course (10 days) - currently not on offer £1,060 per delegate

Programmes of course and/additional Agile Coach activities - if the organisation requires a multiple course delivery and additional activities such as

  • senior level consultation providing advice and guidance on the best approach to training and embedding learning
  • support in setting up an agile working environment in order to receive training back into the organisation post-course attendance
  • support in embedding training
  • Coaching and intervention

(This list is not exhaustive)

A statement of work will need to be completed, signed and received by the Scottish Digital Academy, before the Scottish Digital Academy are able to confirm your requirements are booked

Costs and information on all requirements and activities to be delivered, will be in the Statement of Work. Any applicable VAT charges (for non-Scottish Government organisations and dependent on resource available to deliver) will be detailed in this document.

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